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Home Visiting at Dr Sheward & Partners

Making Best use of your GP Practice

Our GP Practice is keen that we make best use of our clinical staff allowing them to provide the most appropriate care to those most in need.

For the vast majority of patients attending an appointment at the Surgery is the best option for them and for the Practice staff. Attending a surgery allows our clinical team to see many more patients in a day than if we are undertaking home visits. A doctor could see 4-6 other equally needy patients in the time it takes for a home visit.

Appropriate Unsuitable
No transport
No transport or money
Terminally Ill
Terminally ill
Children, young people and anyone who is mobile
Harm If Moved
Would come to serious harm if moved
Social Reasons
Social reasons or for convenience
  Other Help
Other help more appropriate
The Small Print
  • Patients do not have an automatic right to a home visit
  • Doctors are only able to consider home visits for medical reasons only
  • If you think you qualify for a home visit, please ring before 12.30pm
  • All visits requested will be medically assessed to check if appropriate

Home visits, whilst convenient for patients, actually offer a poorer standard of care compared to surgery consultations. This is because of:-

We have noticed that many patients are requesting visits that are inappropriate or unnecessary. This is having a negative impact upon other aspects of our service. Calling the doctor out unnecessarily takes them away from the patient who may be in more clinical need. Most of the consultations during home visits could easily and safely be carried out in the surgery. Because patients might not know this, we are letting you know our policy on home visits.

Home visits are entirely appropriate for:
Home visits are not appropriate for the following reasons:
Some Myths about Home Visits (all of these are not true)
If you think you may need a home visit

We would kindly ask any patient who is mobile (including using a walking aid, wheelchair or scooter) to see us in surgery. If you are poorly and think you need an urgent same day visit, please ring your request through to the surgery on 01655 882708 before 12.30pm on the day. The doctor will always consider your request.

If we visit you and feel that your request was inappropriate

If we feel that your visit request was inappropriate, we may inform you so that you may use our services more appropriately in the future. Please do not be offended, as we have a duty to use our limited resources effectively for the safety and benefit of ALL patients.

Other support available. There are other options that are available to provide support including:

Self Care For minor grazes, coughs and colds, sore throats and hangovers. NHS Inform has excellent information available to support you: https://www.nhsinform.scot
Pharmacist For diarrhea, runny nose and headaches, stings, bites, emergency contraception.
Dentist Toothache, abscesses, gum disease.
NHS 111 General advice, medical help or not sure who to call. Ring 111
Social Services For advice and help on social matters, including respite care, additional help at home and aids. 01655 883293
Podiatry Patients can refer themselves for foot and nail care.

FootcAyr provides a range of Toe-nail cutting clinics.
Direct to Lister Street XHSE on 01563 826361

Please contact 01292 281800 or email foot@voluntaryactionsouthayrshire.org.uk
Community Link Practitioner Appointments can be arranged here in the surgery with Tracey Middleton.
South Ayrshire LIFE Web-site has hundreds of other activities and local services listed. http://www.southayrshirelife.org or phone 0800 432 0510 if you don’t have access to the internet

For real life threatening emergencies such as those below – RING 999